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i had already tried to set it to "open only when power is lost" but that only caused a black screen when connecting the device to AC. A: You can make the screen "go to sleep" when you lose power by installing a power saver app such as Power Aide, OnHub or Dimmer Pro. For the first time, we are focusing our attention on the status of the “barcode” for the city of Boston. As we are in the middle of the first and the most intense stage of the urbanization of our country, the barcode is being co-opted for symbolic and practical purposes, for many and diverse reasons, by the city of Boston and its partners. First of all, let us remember the characteristics of a barcode in its purest form. The “bar” is made of elements whose purpose is to identify the object. The elements of the barcode are standardized. The “barcode” are standardized, using a linear code that contains information in one direction (i.e. “reading” from left to right). The “barcode” are composed of elements. The “barcode” are unique. The “barcode” are made of elements that have a fixed meaning. I believe that the city of Boston is doing the right thing: they are creating a simple and portable way to read information and share data across a vast web of interconnected entities. That said, I have several concerns regarding the graphic that was created. First of all, the graphic lacks any type of “meaning”. Instead of promoting the barcode, the graphic is a very simple chart. It does not say anything about the potential impacts of the use of the barcode in the city of Boston, for example, on privacy, on property rights, on data-gathering, etc. Instead of inspiring the people of Boston, it’s probably designed to be a be a reminder of the negative impacts of the use of a barcode on our daily lives, at the level of the individuals, families, groups, and organizations. I’m also concerned because the graphic was created by an organization that, in my opinion, is very “anti-barcode” (i.e. I’m sure that they are not




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